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Hello VO!

  • Nobody’s Perfect-Nobody

    Nobody’s Perfect-Nobody

    Episode #8. In this episode, Lisa talks about getting voice over coaching. VO COACHES ARE NOT PERFECT! We are all human and Lisa shares a story about her own mistake and when she missed the mark with a student and did not say things or coach them the absolute perfect way. And every student has… Read More »Nobody’s Perfect-Nobody

  • Voice Over Industry Terms

    Voice Over Industry Terms

    Hey! If you’re a voice over beginner, you might be wondering, “What the heck are they are talking about?” In this episode, get familiar with some of the terms used in the voice over industry so you have a good idea of what’s going on!

  • Voice Over Competition Misconceptions

    Voice Over Competition Misconceptions

    The fear of “competition” can keep a lot of people from moving forward with voice overs. Fact is, there is competition in ALL careers and industries. In this episode, we explore the misconception of “too much competition” and how to NOT let that keep you stuck! Be your OWN competition and don’t worry about the… Read More »Voice Over Competition Misconceptions