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Hello VO!

  • Ya Need A Demo Ya Know!

    Ya Need A Demo Ya Know!

    Episode #5 Wanna show people WHAT you can do? Well, you actually wanna have casting directors HEAR what you can do! That’s where voice over demos come in. GOOD demos get you noticed, bad demos waste everyone’s time. What’s the difference between a demo and an audition? How many demos should you have? Find out… Read More »Ya Need A Demo Ya Know!

  • Keep That Voice of Yours Healthy!

    Keep That Voice of Yours Healthy!

    Episode # 4 – YOUR instrument in voice overs is…your VOICE! One of the questions I get asked the most is, how do we keep our voice in good health? Learn ways to make sure you keep your voice in optimal condition so you can do killer voice work and maintain a marketable sound. Remember,… Read More »Keep That Voice of Yours Healthy!

  • You Need A Microphone!

    You Need A Microphone!

    A professional voice over mic isn’t the very FIRST thing you need, but you WILL need it eventually. And you need more than a microphone for your home studio recording setup. The good news? A broadcast-quality voice over home recording studio is affordable and pretty non-scary to set up!