Frequently Asked Questions

What are your rates for voice overs?
Rates are based on a per-project quote and can vary greatly.  Your best bet is to email me your script (even if it’s a rough draft), and include your budget for the talent and your deadline for the audio files. I will always work to provide services within your budget when able. Rates quoted for radio and television spots are dependent on market size and buy out rates. Call me or email me for an exact quote for your project.

How soon can I get my audio from you?
Depending on the length, I can get your projects recorded, edited and back to you within 24 – 48 hours. Larger projects require more lead time, but typically I will deliver your files on or before your deadline. Simply stated,  it’s done on time and to your specifications.

Do you do “trade” or barter?
Of course! I am happy to trade my voice services for your services or goods – just contact me and let me know whatcha got!

What kind of equipment do you use, and how high is the quality of the recording?

All recordings are done on state of the art, professional, high quality digital recording equipment, and rendered in broadcast, studio quality audio formats (that’s fancy speak for “they sound really really good!”)

For those of you actually interested in the nuts and bolts of my studio, here are the specs:  I have 2 broadcast quality studio set ups – a PC based platform that runs Pro-Tools, Sony SoundForge and Audacity recording software with an Avid Mbox audio interface, a Sterling tube microphone or Rode NT1A (depending on the sound the project requires), Sony MDR-7506 studio headphones, and  M-Audio studio monitors.  My traveling studio goes on the road with me and is Mac based with a Sennheiser condenser microphone, Audio Technica 2020 mic, Pro Tools and Audacity recording software,  Avid MBox mini audio interface, Sony MDR Headphones and M-Audio studio monitors.

Does your dog do voice overs too?
Yes, my dog Quince LOVES to do voice overs (he mainly just barks) but he never gets any paying gigs.

How can I pay you?
I’ve made it super easy with a convenient PayPal button, (you don’t even need a PayPal account!) or you can mail a check once I’ve invoiced you.   You let me know what works for you.

Can you add sound effects and music to my project?
Absolutely! In addition to doing the voice talent portion of your project, I am equipped to provide pre-and post production for fully produced projects – everything from actually writing your copy, to adding music and sound effects.  Priced in addition to the voice talent services.

I’m not sure I want to hire you yet – can you give me a custom sample of my project?
No problem – I am happy to send you a custom demo of your project – usually around 20 to 30 seconds of audio – just send me your script! And, it’s free of charge.

Do you ever do stuff for free?
Yes, I do voice work free of charge on student projects when I can – it’s fun!

What if I don’t like the finished recording you’ve sent me?
I always include free revisions (under 15 seconds), so if you have any small, last minute script changes, I can re-record those absolutely free of charge. But typically, I will talk to you prior to recording your project so I understand pronunciation, speed, tone, and mood of the project. Any direction you can give me at that time will ensure an end product you will be happy with!

How do I know that you know what you’re doing?
Great question. Most of the time I DO know what I’m doing, and in addition, I am an accredited member of the former Voice Over Accredition Society, SaVoa, so that should count for something.